From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.631,632 October 27, 2023

  S-meter URL query:

    From a browser or curl use "my_kiwi:8073/s-meter/?(freq_in_kHz)"

    e.g. "my_kiwi:8073/s-meter/?7020" returns the text "/s-meter: 7020.00 kHz -xxx dBm"

    A 60 Hz CW passband is used to sample a presumed carrier on the specified frequency.


  DX URL label filtering parameters added:

    dx=(optional database specifier),ident:(ident),notes:(notes),case,grep

    Populates the "DX label filter" panel with values as though you opened the panel

    (e.g. with the "@" shortcut key). Example: my_kiwi:8073/f=15Mz0&dx=comm,id:HFDL

    Where "comm" selects the community label database. "case" means the ident and notes values

    are case sensitive. "grep" means the values are pattern-selecting regular expressions.


    New shortcut alt-@ to quickly clear all DX label filtering values without opening the panel.


    See the help button on the DX labels panel ("\" key) for more details.


  Changes to support KiwiSDR 2.

    Update Github README.md file with KiwiSDR 2 info.

    Show KiwiSDR 2 PCB as default photo when user first connects.


  • Many thanks!

    But after updating to 1.631, antenna switch UI seems to be broken. No button is green, even after klicking, and selected antenna and permissions are reported as unknown. But "physical" antenna switching seems to work blindly anyway - at least with my own Kiwi. I tried also some other Kiwis with antenna switching which have already updated to 1.631 - and found an even worse behavior: antenna buttons are greying out a few seconds after opening the extension.

  • jksjks
    edited October 2023

    Please restart and let your Kiwi update to v1.632 -- Thanks.

  • Thanks again!

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