DX label filter & URL string

Hi John,

I'd like to be able to be able to setup browser bookmarks with pre-loaded DX label filters, so that I can select which database to use, with Ident and / or Notes search terms. This would facilitate quick recall and the ability to post or email links to others.

I don't think this is currently possible, but could suitable commands be added to the URL string ?

Not urgent just a nice to have.




  • Would it be okay if the URL option acted as though you opened the DX label filter panel, entered the ident and/or notes search term, then closed the panel? (i.e. working as it does now, showing the label bar background in red to indicate it is being actively filtered). And then requiring that you clear the filtering by opening the panel again (e.g. '@' key) and clearing the terms?

    Because if that is sufficient then it's pretty easy for me to do. I just wanted to make sure I understood what you wanted.

    You may already know, but you can select the label database via the URL parameter dx=[012] (position in database menu) or dx={sto,eibi,comm} (abbreviated name of database). See the dx panel help button for details.

  • Hi John,

    Yes it would be fantastic if it acted as though you opened the DX label filter panel.

    I'd assumed that it would be possible to combine this with the existing data base selection option.

    I wasn't aware of the existing URL parameter dx=[012] but that is useful too.

    Thanks again.



  • Okay, great. I have this working now and will include it in the next release.

  • Oh boy! Thank you for this John. I was just going to ask about this and searched it first and found this thread. If there is a special interest, what is the best way to go about finding or getting it added? Example, I am interested in recent OTH (over the horizon radar) activity but when I use the DX label filter with OTH I just get COTHEN-ALE results. Perhaps nobody has compiled data on OTH radar but I doubt that. I looked for an OTH item in the DXlabels panel but there isn't one. Do I contact someone at the database end or??

    Best regards...Joe

  • There are no OTHR entries in the community database because their frequencies are unpredictable. CODAR is a different story, although these are regional and fairly low power I believe.

    Maybe someone has a different view on this.

  • I have many personally tagged radar frequencies, and their characteristics on at least one of my KiWi sites.


    They do not usually operate on predictable fixed frequencies, but they do tend to stay around on similar adjacent ones.



  • Thanks for your comments guys and yes I understand the frequencies are not strictly fixed but agree Martin that due to the enormity of the antenna arrays they tend to be optimized for a fairly predictable range of frequencies. The thing is right now I find myself in a situation where others around me have restricted my options for antennas so I can't use my own Kiwi and have to listen on web-shared receivers. It doesn't allow me to copy from your labels very easily while using some other Kiwi. If they were in a database, even though they may not be spot-on, while zoomed out on a waterfall if the radar was active nearby the marker I would spot it. Not sure even where to look at the moment. I know where SUPERDARN runs but there are others, military ones I'd like to get a sense of the activity level and how it is changing as events unfold around us in the world today.

  • ROTHR is another common and less predictable system than the fixed radars such as SUPERDARN, JORN or the more recent TACMOR, and tends to pop up just about everywhere.

    Likewise some regions of the world seem to suffer more than others.

    If you take a listen to some of the better KiWi's in Australia and the surrounding region, the number of operational HF radars, many of which are Chinese, are at times ridiculous, and I don't know how any HF comms traffic manages to operate under those conditions.



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