KiwiSDR 2: your expression of interest needed



  • Yes, I would definitely be interested in buying two of them. I have been a happy user of the original KiwiSDR, fantastic receiver !!

  • I am interested in 1 maybe a second one as well for our national station here in the United Arab Emirates

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    Also interested in one or two and also beta testing if possible. 73s de DK8EE

  • Alsointerested in one.

  • I'll add myself to the list.

  • Put me down for one

  • Put me down for one too ! Thanks!

  • Like the others, I am very interested in one when they are available. Great receiver.

  • I' waiting to buy one, hope soon!

    Carlos IK1YRA

  • I would like one as well. 73

  • I am very interested in one KIWI 2.

  • I've been enjoying the open-web stations for the last few months in Oregon and Nevada and looking forward to the Kiwi2 and hope to put it in a remote location in Oregon that has good internet speed.

  • I don't do social media proper, but you can add me to the list of those who would buy the new and improved KiwiSDR-2 whenever it becomes available.

    73, and Happy Holidays!

  • I want one!

    Jan, LB6JG

  • I am interested in purchasing two.

  • I’m in for 1.

  • I would certainly be interested.

  • I am also very interested in obtaining 1-2 units. Please keep me updated.



  • Hey I was too late for the original KiwiSDR, and I would be more than happy to order a couple of units from the new batch, thanks!

  • Folks, Apologies if this is OT or if it has been thoroughly discussed in the past.

    It's great to see lots of expressions of interest, but I am assuming these will be from people who have not yet asked the price. So they will most likely be in richer countries like Western Europe and North America.

    Given the global value of a network of KiwiSDRs, how can we get new KiwiSDRs into under-served countries. In otherwords to enthusiasts in places where they may not be able to afford the equipment or its import duty. Has anyone explored the possibility of subsidised or even loaned/donated devices? Are there people out there who want the KiwiSDR but are completely excluded by the cost of importation?

    Just food for thought...

  • jksjks
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    With Kiwi-1 in 2016 I donated about US $5k worth of Kiwis to people in interesting locations worldwide. Only about 20% of those remain operational today. A few I donated were never even setup.

  • Hi Steve,

    I have no idea about others' opinion. For me, the threshold for being willing to operate a Kiwi for free and very well for many years was thought to be much higher than buying one including import tax and relevant expenses of installation.

  • I'll take 1

  • I am interested as well. Count me in for 1

  • I'll take 1

  • Assuming budget approval, one would be nice.

  • Registering my interest for one of these!

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