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Slow/partial interface loading on one of two Kiwis - how to troubleshoot?

I have two Kiwis, and I have noticed over the past year that one of them is always much slower to load the browser interface, occasionally only a part way load. In other words, the the spectrum and frequency won't display, even though the buttons are there. Refreshing the browser will sometimes "cure" the issue. Same effect for the admin interface, one of them takes much longer to load, regardless of whether via the LAN or WAN path. It doesn't seem to make a difference whether the browser is Chrome on Windows, Ubuntu, or Ios. Both of them are set up in 8 channel mode, with 6/8 slots occupied continuously by wsprdaemon.

Wondering where I should start to diagnose what is causing this difference.


  • Can you put your slow Kiwi on the Internet so I can look at it?

    Your existing public Kiwi is also pretty slow, at times. If you bring up the browser debug console, select the "network" tab and do some page reloads, you can see it stall sometimes while loading an asset. I notice the audio also underruns occasionally.

    Is there anything unusual about your network setup? Using anything that would slow things down like a filtering appliance? Or do you have any wireless links in the path?

  • Thanks for the response, and yes the existing public one (port 2311) is the slow Kiwi, which folds over to the "normal" Kiwi (port 2316) when it's two open slots are filled. The ISP is (unfortunately) a very slow DSL connection, with about 750 kilobits upstream bandwidth. That upstream bandwidth is also shared with a camera system that FTPs images every few minutes, too. And then there's all the wsprdaemon uploading. It's a wonder it functions at all - the sad reality of a highly rural area - Starlink beckons. But the sluggishness or partial loading is the same when accessed locally via the LAN, so bandwidth does not seem like the root cause.

    Both Kiwis are plugged into the same DSL modem. I'll take a look at the debug console. And I think I'll also swap ports/cables that connect them to the DSL modem to see if that alters the behavior.

  • Update on my troubleshooting with the "slow" KiwiSDR. Swapping ethernet cables and LAN ports on the DSL modem/router had no effect on the load speed difference. Next I took a look at the device list on the DSL modem/router. There was a difference in the DHPC listings, in that the slow KiwiSDR was being assigned at least one ipv6 address in addition to the regular ipv4 address....whereas the "normal" Kiwi was only being assigned an ipv4 address. Next, I turned off the ipv6 feature on the router. To my bewilderment there were still ipv6 addresess being assigned to devices on the LAN

    In my opinion this points to a hardware problem in the router, rather than in the slow Kiwi. The final troubleshooting step will be to do a full power cycle on EVERYTHING, and also swap power the supplies on the two Kiwis.

    It's not really that big of a deal, I'm just hoping to head off a full hardware failure during the coming winter/spring, when I will not be able to troubleshoot things in person.

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