What is Kiwirecorder?

I see the occasional threads about Kiwirecorder, but what is it? Is it the audio recorder that starts when I click the "red-arrow-chasing-its-tail icon or is it something else?

Don't worry, I have plenty more stupid questions where that came from!



  • Ken,

    I'll try a shot at a simple explanation. Kiwirecorder is a component of the larger Kiwiclient package. I use the terms component and package loosely to help convey a mental image here. You download the Kiwiclient package from github. (Search the forum for how to do that.) The whole concept of Kiwiclient is to access a local or remote KiwiSDR using a non graphic, command line based process.

    An example is that I wanted to record a specific radio transmission during the eclipse last Saturday. I set up the script with the necessary information and then used the Linux "cron" capability to run the script at the proper time. This happened while I was attending an out of town meeting. When I returned to the computer later, the .Wav file was waiting to be played.

    The exact details of how to do that along with a lot more is contained in the Kiwiclient package.


  • jksjks
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    I'll give it a try too. Kiwiclient / kiwirecorder is an alternative, programatic way of connecting to the Kiwi server running on the Kiwi board / Beaglebone combination.

    So the usual way looks something like this:

    (Browser + Kiwi Javascript client) --- (Network/Internet) --- (Kiwi server)

    With kiwirecorder it could be something like:

    (Application e.g. WsprDaemon) --- (Kiwirecorder) --- (Network/Internet) --- (Kiwi server)

    In the case of WsprDaemon it runs unattended for a long period of time and uses kiwirecorder to download 2-minute long WSPR recordings from multiple Kiwis, saving them into wave (.wav) files.

  • Thanks guys!

    I know nothing about programming and even less about Linux. Looks like I stumbled into hostile territory. I'll retreat and continue using the little record button on the control panel.

    Thanks anyway for the explanation guys! Sorry to waste your time.

    Ken VE3HLS

  • Never a waste of time. Lots of people find these threads useful. Sometimes much later on.

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