From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.629,630 October 15, 2023

  Allow clickable links in the DX label ident field. Example:

    BEACON C&P #5 FSK <a href="https://www.hfunderground.com/wiki/Common_and_Precious_5"


  Results in the DX label: "BEACON C&P #5 FSK hfunderground.com" where the "hfunderground.com"

  portion is an underlined clickable link. 'target="_blank"' makes the link open in a new tab.


  The DX community database has two of these links at 4095 kHz for the Berlin C&P #5 beacon.

  The hfunderground.com link goes to the beacon's wiki page. One label starts the CW decoder and

  the other label starts the FSK decoder, for the two modes sent by this beacon.


  Describe URL parameters in CW extension help.


  Admin backup tab: Disabled on Debian 11 again because it's still not working quite right.

  Admin network tab:

    Debian 11: Static/DHCP setting change now works. Fix needed due to the Beagle guys migrating

    from connman to systemd-networkd.


  TDoA extension:

    Top bar visibilities now correctly restored on extension close.

  Changes to support KiwiSDR 2:

    GPS clock startup hack.

    Disable sig gen self-test menu item if ext clk enabled (both can't be used at the same time).


  • Hi

    I'm making a backup, but I get this message at the end.

    V1.630 Debian 8.11

    tested on 2 receivers which work without any problems

    is it ok or not?

  • The backup should be fine. Looks like some bug crept in while I was trying to get Debian 11 backups to work. There is an update going out today so I'll try and fix this.

  • jksjks
    edited October 2023

    Yep, stupid bug. Fixed in today's release. The backups you made are fine.

  • OK thank you

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