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KiwiSDR VLF Loop Nulls

Deep nulls of a small VLF loop antenna shown by rotating the loop and plotting signal strenght.

Video correction: 24.0 kHz, NAA is in Cutler, Maine.

Frequency, Call sign, Distance, Bearing, Location

19.8 kHz, NWC 8,882 miles, 274 degrees, Australia,

21.4 kHz, NPM 2,619 miles, 242.3 degrees, Lualualei, Hawaii,

22.2 kHz, JJI 5,398 miles, 304 degrees, Ebino, Japan,

22.6 kHz, HWU 4,640 miles, 38 degrees, Rosnay, France

24.0 kHz, NAA 2,639 miles, 71.1 degrees, Cutler, Maine,

24.8 kHz, NLK 177 miles, 7.0 degrees, Jim Creek Naval Radio Station in north Cascades Washington


RCA VH226E Programmable Outdoor Antenna Rotator

Loop Antenna

39 inches diameter, 49 turns of 22 AWG magnet wire, up 10 feet

73 David WA9ONY

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