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From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.627,628 October 5, 2023

  Rework of admin backup tab:

    Now works for Debian 11 and later. Debian 11 is currently used by the BBAI-64.

    Progress bar now accurately shows sd card copy progress.

    Should now correctly abort backup if admin page is reloaded while backup running.

  Changes to support KiwiSDR 2.


  Fixed bug where audio wouldn't un-mute after underlying masked area removed (thanks Rob).

  The SNR-measure task ARRIVED/LEAVING messages are no longer logged.


  • I just updated to v1.627,628 October 5, 2023, Now no waterfall movement and no sound... Reciver is "dead".. I did reboot, Nothing then Power off for 5 minutes No-Go...

    What can I do?

  • BBG, BBAI or BBAI-64?

  • If you know how to open the ssh port 22 on your router, do that and email your public IP address or domain, Kiwi serial number (or Debian root password if you've set one) and Kiwi admin password to

  • The new admin backup interface log will show the sd card write speed.

    On an AI-64 a 10.7 GB backup finished in 8 min using a 32 GB class 10 card (roughly 30 MB/s).

    On a BBG a 2.7 GB backup finished in 12.5 min using a 16 GB class 4 card (roughly 4 MB/s).

    The times (8, 12.5 min) are the total times, including formatting, which is not counted in the write speeds above. That's why the MB/s rates shown are higher than the backup size divided by the total time.

  • jksjks
    edited October 2023

    Well, please hold off on making backups on AI-64 using v1.628

    The Beagle guys completely changed how the backup scripts work starting with Debian 11. I thought I had it working, but there are still some problems. BBG/BBB/BBAI should be fine.

    I especially want this working because KiwiSDR 2 will ship with a Debian 11 image.

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