Disable DX label display?

Is there a way, either as a user or admin, to disable the DX label bar above the waterfall? I saw a screen grab from someone's KiwiSDR without it, but I've been looking through the admin interface, user display, docs and web searches and haven't been able to find how this would be done.


  • jksjks
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    Press y key multiple times to toggle visibility of top bar, band/label scale. x key to toggle control panel visibility. h or ? to see all keyboard shortcuts.

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    @k6fod If you are a KiwiSDR admin, try adding this script to the Additional HTML/Javascript for HTML field.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function(){
    document.getElementById("id-band-canvas").style.display = "none"; 
    document.getElementById("id-dx-container").style.top = '0';
    document.getElementById("id-band-container").style.display = "none";

  • @jks Thank you!

    @studentkra Thanks. In this case I was wanting to make the change temporary in order to shoot screen shots to examine antenna performance across various bands. But good to know.

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