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kiwirecorder noiseblanker [fixed]

The noise blanker in the web interface is working very well for a type of noise that I have. I have selected the standard noiseblanker with default settings (gate 100 us, 50% threshold)

But when I use the same settings in kiwirecorder, it doesn't work very well. And it seems it doesn't change with any other gate/threshold parameters either. For example, in the webinterface, the audio is very distorted with gate=4000, but i don't notice any change when I use--nb-gate=4000 with kiwirecorder.

Maybe kiwirecorder is using the new noiseblanker ("wild")? Which doesn't work well for my type of noise.


  • When the additional noise blankers (and new noise filters) were added to the server kiwirecorder was never changed to use them. So --nb only ever used the standard noise blanker. But it turns out there is a bug with how kiwirecorder interacts with the newer server code.

    I've fixed the bug in kiwirecorder and also added a new option --nb-test which enables the same pulse tester as exists in the web interface. Please update kiwirecorder to get these changes.

  • Works, thank you!

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