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Kiwi UI+Audio .5-3 sec. dropout usually around :00 and :30 of each hour [fixed (we think) in v1.626]

The issue I'm having lately: I have noticed that when lots of dynamic presets either appear/disappear (usually on the hour, or half-hour), both the UI and audio stream will both freeze for between .5 and up to 3 seconds.

For instance, I just noticed my SDR buffer for about .5 secs at 16:00 UTC, at which time 47 presets appeared, and 51 disappeared. That was with 3 people connected, and I am running in 3-slot / 20kHz wide mode:

Fri Sep 15 16:00:05 02:04:04.259 012  1    SND: audio underrun 1 -------------------------
Fri Sep 15 16:00:06 02:04:04.389 012 0     SND: audio underrun 2 ScratchMoney -------------------------
Fri Sep 15 16:00:03 02:04:04.416 012     L GPS correcting time: 16:00:03.533 (+18) UTC 16:00:06.036 deltaT -2.503 SET
Fri Sep 15 16:00:06 02:04:05.049 012  1    SND: audio underrun 2 -------------------------
Fri Sep 15 16:00:08 02:04:06.523 012     L GPS correcting time: 16:00:07.637 (+18) UTC 16:00:08.157 deltaT -0.520 CHECK
Fri Sep 15 16:00:10 02:04:08.533 012     L GPS correcting time: 16:00:09.657 (+18) UTC 16:00:10.167 deltaT -0.510 CHECK
Fri Sep 15 16:00:12 02:04:10.543 012     L GPS correcting time: 16:00:11.666 (+18) UTC 16:00:12.177 deltaT -0.512 CHECK

So maybe it is the GPS time correcting clock drift too?

I have noticed that the dropouts are usually much worse in the evening here, typically when all slots are full and lots more stations are starting/stopping due to dx conditions (~21:00-00:00 UTC). I made a chart which shows how many start/stop at the same time which led me to believe that this (might) be related to the cause of the buffering:

Here is the full list, if needed:

I was just wondering if this is some known issue, and what I might be able to do to mitigate it.



  • jksjks
    edited September 2023

    What do you mean by "dynamic preset"?

  • edited September 2023

    Ones with the start, end times and days of the week set, that only show up in the UI when current time is between the Begin and End values of the preset, like this:

  • Might be a realtime response issue with the DX label list. I assume you have a heavily customized list, possibly with many entries. Could you email the dx.json and dx.config.json files to so I can try to replicate the problem here? Thanks

  • Yeah, I have a bunch of them. I'll email them to you.


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