DX labels question [fixed (partially?) in v1.624]

Hi, I'm new to the board but have been using a kiwiSDR for just over a year now. Great unit! Paired with an LZ1AQ dual-loop system, I'm very impressed with this setup.

However I seem to have issues with DX labels.

I have roughly 650 labels in the stored/writable database. I hoped to be able to mass edit these, one-time, to reflect the usual signals I get across the kiwi spectrum. I also want to include the broadcast times so that when using the kiwi only the active signals should appear based on the times entered on the labels.

I tried doing this with Excel by exporting my basic listing as a CSV, making changes then saving back as a CSV and importing. DIdn't work, error message for field issues.

Well OK ... I read several threads on the board about similar problems and tried some of the suggestions there ... again, no luck.

So I tried a final idea which was to do DX label edits or the occasional new label using the editor on the receiver web page.

This seems to work somewhat, but I've noticed that sometimes when going back to make edits some or all of my previous work has been wiped out. It seems hit or miss, but for certain all the time info entered gets deleted.

I amusing the most current version 1.623

Appreciate any thoughts or "point-in-a-direction" offered.



  • Please send your .csv to support@kiwisdr.com and I'll try and understand why it isn't uploading.

    The occasional wipeout is very worrying. That isn't supposed to happen under any circumstances, unless you're doing something awful like pulling the power to shutdown.

  • Sent to you now PM.

  • jksjks
    edited September 2023

    Bug fixed in v1.624. Now able to import your .csv file.

    Not sure about the data loss problem. Hopefully there can be a repeatable test case with that.

  • kiwi updated to 1.624, and file import works as described in the online wiki.

    All good ... many thanks John.

  • If I do get a data loss issue, I will take notes and forward to you.

    I can say though that there were no power supply issues as the utility here is quite stable.

  • I discovered that if the kiwi server is restarted (or cold started) then it partially wipes out the time information on the labels. But it seems to keep the other data for each record, most but not all the start and end times get wiped.

    Not a problem when restored using either the JSON or CSV file.

    I've taken to keeping a current backup file in both types, after adding or changing any labels and this at least brings back all the current data.

    Very odd.

    Currently running v1.625

  • Not able to duplicate here so far. Very interested to hear if anyone else sees this problem.

    Does the output of the dmesg command (run from admin "console" tab) show any error messages that look like eMMC write problems? (the Beagle's filesystem)

  • So I've found that when the kiwi is rebooted or restarted the DX labels all load, but most of them do not have any day/time info attached.

    If I reload from my backup file (usually the JSON) then everything falls into place.

    Discovered this after a local power failure.

    Here's a snip of the initial part of the console log:

    Thu Sep 28 12:18:38 00:00:00.465   L KiwiSDR v1.626 --------------------------------------------------------------------
    Thu Sep 28 12:18:38 00:00:00.469   L compiled: Sep 17 2023 14:12:09 on kiwisdr
    Thu Sep 28 12:18:38 00:00:00.472   L /etc/debian_version 8.5
    Thu Sep 28 12:18:38 00:00:00.475   L background mode: delaying start 30 secs...
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:08 00:00:30.497     TASK MAX_TASKS 217(198|17|2), stack memory 17.6 MB, stack size 8|32|64 k so(u64_t)
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.579   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/kiwi.json: 563 tokens (7.4k bytes)
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.583   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/admin.json: 135 tokens (3.4k bytes)
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.971   L serial number from EEPROM: 5975
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.974   L model: KiwiSDR 1
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.974   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/dx_config.json
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.978   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/dx.json
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:30.998   L DX: 713 label entries
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.000   L DX: file = 713,c197cbf4,46864
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.004   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/dx_community_config.json
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.008   L reading configuration from file /root/kiwi.config/dx_community.json
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.030   L DX: 872 label entries
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.033   L DX: file = 872,db6868b3,52120
    Thu Sep 28 12:19:09 00:00:31.035     ADC_CLOCK: 66.665900 MHz

    It seems OK given my basic understanding ... no errors shown, no. of entries is correct.

  • When you say "do not have any day/time info attached" how are you determining this? The day/time info doesn't appear in the admin DX tab user interface? (or user DX labels panel?) Or they don't exhibit the expected day/time behavior on the label scale?

    I tried using the dx.json file you emailed me back on Sep 6. After restarting I checked a few entries using both methods and the day/time info was there. For the user DX label panel remember that if an entry is outside its day/time window it will not appear on the label scale if filter by time/day-of-week is checked.

  • Hi John, when I look at the admin DX tab interface I don't see any date/time info.

    On the regular listening window, all frequencies with labels show up no matter what the schedule time.

    Re-loading the JSON from backup and restarting the kiwi server resolves all the labels, and then there is date/time info when I look on the admin DX interface.

  • jksjks
    edited September 2023

    Well, I don't know. I tried your dx.json file on multiple Kiwis. I tried saving and restoring in JSON and CSV formats. Everything always worked fine. The first entry with a day/time entry (3955 kHz) always showed that entry in the admin DX tab.

    We probably should get your Kiwi setup so I can ssh in and see what's going on. I'll send you an email..

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