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After operating the receiver for years, I am not able to get it started dince 2 weeks ago. I see similar issues reported but is there a more standard list of things to check? The beaglebone registers with the network, gets an IP address, however nothing from port 8073.

I tried swapping power supplies just in case, disconnecting, etc. In the past I slightly damaged the area near the power port but it was resoldered and I don't think it is the problem. Thank you,

Ivan NO2CW


  • If you connect to, clear the entry, then restart the Kiwi, wait 90 seconds, then refresh that page, do you get a new entry with a current date/time? (i.e. the Kiwi registered itself when it restarted).

    In the 4 LEDs to the left of the Beagle's Ethernet connector the left-most LED will double-flash every second. But after a minute or so the Kiwi server will start and you will see a more complicated pattern that includes a back-and-forth strobing of all 4 LEDs (documented here: Do you see that?

    There are mote things we can try if these two are negative.

  • The four leds behave as expected and indicate the unit received an IP address from my router. I can also see the device via my router device list. However I think this function is administered by the beaglebone and its debian OS, not the kiwi receiver. So it seems the beaglebone part works as expected but I see no evidence that the kiwisdr is working. It powers the beaglebone but it does not seem to be working. I cannnot access the receiver locally so there is no chance it would show on

  • When you say the LEDs are acting "as expected" do you mean as the document says that I linked? Because that LED pattern is generated by the Kiwi server, not Debian/Linux.

    If you know how to / are able to connect to Linux using ssh or PuTTY then try these commands to look at the Kiwi log. Or if you know how, open port 22 on your router and email the public IP address to and I can take a look. Include your Kiwi serial number (written on top of Kiwi PCB) as that is likely the Linux login password.



    m slog

    And email the last few hundred lines to me.


  • Now working.

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