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Daily Restart - Kiwi Server or BB as well? [fixed in v1.623]

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I'm trying to remotely restart a BB/Kiwi with a local LAN subnet IP change before and after.

Does the daily restart selection only restart the Kiwi web server or does the entire BB power cycle and rerun DHCP ?

My hope is that I can change the entire subnet, including a microwave link and then have the Kiwi restart itself at local midnight and thereby find the new subnet via DHCP rather than drive the hour each direction to force a reset/power cycle manually.

Is this possible?


  • It only restarts the server. But I could pretty easily change that yes/no switch into a menu selecting restart or reboot, like what exists on the admin update tab.

    I don't know of a way to power cycle under software control. But doing a Linux reboot should be sufficient I would think.

  • Thanks John. If I can arrange the the timing to have the new subnet up after a reboot but before the BB looks for a network that could work. But if I'm too slow, doesn't the BB just sit with no network at all if the new subnet isn't , having generated its own static 168... (or something) IP? I can't remember if it ever retries after tha has occurred. I'm afraid it doesn't

    I can't think of a way short of running a script on the BB (which seems another possibility) to force a total Reboot at some time sufficiently long after the network change to have high confidence that the new subnet is in place.

    Changing WAN and LAN addresses can be a zoo once one starts has specialized access to servers and running servers ! Fortunately I have both systems still available so can (hopefully) do this a little at a time.

    The context is migrating from coax (Comcast) to fiber to the hamshack. The fiber is really fast, 1Gbs up and down, but darn, the configuration is confusing, particularly with a microwave bridge/link involved.

    Maybe I'll move the microwave link / Kiwi subnet last after writing and testing a reboot script locally. Probably a once/hour cron job would do the trick.

  • jksjks
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    Yes, on the "todo" list for ages is a "retry DHCP" option. Designed to solve problems like the race after a power failure. Where the Beagle and Kiwi server start up (even with the Kiwi's 30s startup delay) before the router's DHCP server, and the Kiwi falls back to a self-assigned IP (e.g. 169.254.x.x).

    But it hasn't happened yet, mostly because the testing of such an option has to be very extensive. There are so many possible network conditions and configurations these days. It's going to be a huge time commitment. And now, particularly, is really bad time for me to be considering such a thing, lol. But let me at least get the restart/reboot thing into a release.

  • how about falling back to last IP assignment rather than the default which might catch a lot of the occasional issues

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