Getting kicked off every few minutes when in Admin

I'm looking around on my Admin pages, hoping I can find my Kiwi's serial number. My Kiwi kicks me out every 2 or 3 minutes and says it will log me back on in 59 seconds. The login works fine but then I get kicked out again a few minutes later.

Any thoughts on this behavior?




  • That is very odd.

    It sounds like intermittent network connectivity, but I assume it works OK when you use it as a normal receiver.

    Are you using a local network connection ?

    The serial number can be found on the Network tabbed page.



  • Hi Martin,

    Yes, I was connecting through my local network. I don't know if there was something intermittent going on; it seemed to be kicking off as regularly as clockwork. It also took a long time, a minute or more, to get logged back in once the 1 minute timer had run out.

    It's working fine this evening though. No complaints now. Strange!

    Thanks and 73,

    Ken VE3HLS

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