using mode=IQ and --s-meter

@jks I would like to record the IQ wav file and the RSSI at the same time with the timestamp ( --ts).

It seems that as soon as I add "--S-meter=0", "--ts" the IQ wav file is not saved.


python -k 10 -s -p 8073 -f 1458 -m iq --tlimit=12

work fine - get the IQ Wav file and the long list of RSSI readings.

BUT when I add on the end --s-meter =0

 python -k 10 -s -p 8073 -f 1458 -m iq --tlimit=12 --s-meter=0 --sdt-sec=3

I get no IQ wav file.

Thanks for any help.


  • When I add --snd

    python -k 10 -s -p 8073 -f 1458 -m iq --tlimit=12 --s-meter=0 --sdt-sec=3 --snd

    then, I do get a wav file but is this an audio wav file or a IQ wav file?

  • I'll get to this when I can. Things are stupidly busy right now..

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    Thank you, much appreciated.

    I do need clarity on this and to be sure I am recording an IQ WAV file.

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    I have done a lot with kiwirecorder and I/Q wav files so I know that works. I have just not used your exact cli string

    I used

    ./ -k 5 -s $1 -p 8073 -f $2 -m iq -L 300 -H 3600 --ncomp --tlimit=$3

    with $1 $2 $3 added on cli

  • jksjks
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    Just getting to this now. Yes, adding --snd is what you want.

    The file will be real (1-ch mono) or IQ (2-ch stereo) depending on the -m <mode> setting. Modes iq drm sas or qam will result in a 2-ch stereo file. Remember that the mode is reflected in the sound filename, e.g. "20230728T191504Z_10000000_iq.wav"

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    Thank you for confirming this.

    I just tried what @WA2ZKD gave:

    ./ -k 5 -s $1 -p 8073 -f $2 -m iq -L 300 -H 3600 --ncomp --tlimit=$3

    And it does work fine.

    But when I added --s-meter=0 with --sdt-sec=5 there was no iq wav file recorded but @jks has confirmed that I must --snd and the wav file recorded is a IQ wav file. QED. 🙂

    PS.. Still working on MW AM Modulation as time permits, so want to record the RSSI along with the IQ wav file.

    python3.7 -k 5 -s -p 8073 -f yyyy -m iq -H 5000 --ncomp --tlimit=120 --s-meter=0 --sdt-sec=10 --ts --snd

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