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KIWI SDR no longer accessible [fixed]

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I have 2 KIWI SDRs remotely in Masset, BC. The original one is going strong, but the newer, more recent one suddenly, after a recent brief power outage, is no longer reachable. All my other computers and remote Perseus receivers are humming along just fine. I checked the router, and interestingly, the Kiwi (we call it Julia) is on-line, although occasionally will drop off-line, and then return as being on-line. However, even when it's on-line (most of the time), it still is not accessible via a NUC which is next to the KIWIs I have there (and I'm accessing via Chrome remote). What I'm getting is the following: "Resource is online but isn't responding to connection attempts". Any suggestions or explanations, please, appreciated! 73, Walt


  • Is this from trying to connect via a browser or via an ssh/PuTTY connection? If you Google this error message it's very confusing what's exactly being talked about. Lots of mentions of proxies and Windows-specific stuff.

    Can you ping the Kiwi's ip address?

  • Hi, maybe problem with 5V, like on this thread or maybe filesystem on eMMC corrupt after power loss.

  • Thanks for responding, jks and rz3dvp. Well, things are back to normal. I have no idea why, but this is what happened. I sent out my local on-the-ground rep to my remote DX site. She affirmed that the ethernet cables were all attached and all-green. I then powered down both kiwis (on a single remote switch). I had her switch the 2 power supplies. A and B, to B and A. I then powered up again, and VOILA, both are both working again as before. Go figure. It makes no sense to me, but I'm not complaining! 73, Walt

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