audio overrun

Hi folks, this happens a lot on my kiwi. I'm on the latest version 1.611 set up for 8 channels (2+6) and get 8 users usually every morning from 8AM-10AM local (CST). Looking at stats page I get frequent "audio overrun" red alerts. When this happens the audio and waterfall freeze for a moment. Is this normal, or do I have a problem?


GeorgeC W2DB

Crowley, TX


  • Do you really mean "overrun" and not "underrun"? Underruns are common when the Kiwi is overloaded and cannot supply audio data to all the connections on-time (under/over is from the perspective of the browser audio).

    Overruns mean the Kiwi was supplying audio faster than expected and overflowed the buffering on the browser side. This shouldn't happen unless the Kiwi javascript code on the browser is running slow for some reason.

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