Is registration working ok?

Hi John and all!

I am setting up a "new" (not really a new one but change of location) KiwiSDR for Finnish DX Association here. Everything is ready and working fine but making it "public" via this slider is not working for me.

I have waited like forever and nothing seems to be happening.

Best 73's



  • jksjks
    edited July 2023

    So there are 5 public Kiwis using "Finnish DX-association" in their name field and also listed on Is the one you're talking about one of those or in addition to those?

    If it's not one of those please send its public ip address and serial number to so I can check the server logs and see if the registration request is being seen by


  • Ah, that's ok. We decided not to go puclic with this one. It turned out to be so good and in the end our goal is to serve our members first. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😊

    Best regards,


  • v1.616 fixes a problem that was possibly the cause of this.

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