V1.610 DX Labels disappeared

With the last update the DX labels disappeared


  • I don't think this is generally true. Otherwise my inbox would be overflowing.

    The only thing that changed recently is that the default stored label database was updated (only if never modified by the kiwi owner/admin).

    So tell us more about what you've experienced. Is this for your own Kiwi? Or all public Kiwis you visit? And is it for the stored database only? What about the EiBi and community databases?

  • Sorry, it's OK now.

    I choosed "DX stored database" and it came back.

    I don't know why it was changed.

    Kind regards


  • It's always possible there a timing bug that causes a one-off problem like this. However if you ever have a set of actions that causes the problem to occur consistently then I'm very interested in know about it.

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