v1.609: label config file errors, direct waterfall tuning, freq entry help panel

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.609 Jun 26, 2023

  DX label system:

    The stored dx label database (only if never modified by admin) has been updated to a snapshot

      of the current community database.

    Better error handling when there is corruption of the various dx label *.json files.

      Error messages will appear in the admin DX tab and also the user DX labels panel.

    Selecting a database menu entry on the DX labels panel now keeps the panel open.


  Waterfall tuning: Type "#frequency" into the frequency entry box on the main control panel

  to directly tune the waterfall center frequency (independently of the audio channel frequency).

  For example if you're tuned to 7020 kHz listening to CW you could quickly tune the waterfall

  to the 30m FT8 frequency by typing "#10136" Type "#" alone to return the waterfall to the

  current audio channel frequency. The "k" and "M" suffixes apply, e.g. "#10M" for 10 MHz.

  Previously the waterfall could only be tuned by mouse/touch gestures, shortcut keys and the

  page up/down buttons.


  Frequency entry field help: If the cursor is positioned over the frequency entry field,

  and 'h' or '?' is typed, a help panel is shown with information about the optional passband

  and waterfall tuning parameters. Typing 'h' or '?' with the cursor anywhere else shows the

  standard help panel. Typing 'H' when no extension is open also opens shows this help.

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