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WEB server OK but no receiver [fixed]

edited June 2023 in Problems Now Fixed

Hi everyone,

Since the last reboot, the receiver is no longer accessible. The webpage server still seems to work. see the pictures.


  • Is that Firefox on Windows? If so, bring up the javascript console by typing control-shift-K and look for an error message. Post it here.

    Possibly a bad software build.

  • Hi JKS

    I pickup this message :

    { "dx_type": [ { "key": 0, "name": "Service fixe", "color": " #df3e1a" }, { "key": 1, "name": "Service mobile terrestre", "color": " #FFC300" }, { "key": 2, "name": "Service maritime mobile", "color": "#58d68d" }, { "key": 3, "name": "Service mobile aéronautique", "color": "#5dade2" }, { "key": 4, "name": "Service mobile générique", "color": "violet" }, { "key": 5, "name": "Service de radionavigation", "color": " #FFFF00 " }, { "key": 6, "name": "Service d'aide à la météorologie", "color": "#2874a6" }, { "key": 7, "name": "Service Time signal", "color": "#800080" }, { "key": 8, "name": "Service de radiodiffusion", "color": " #C0C0C0" }, …


    SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 307 column 1 of the JSON data

    I will check


  • OK Tks again JKS

    the file "dx_config.json" was corrupted :

    just deleting "%c" somewhere in the file and reboot.


  • Okay, but I'd like to know more in case there is really a bug I need to fix.

    Are you running the latest version? (v1.608)

    Do you use the admin DX tab to make changes? Or do you edit the file directly?

    A stray "%c" is possibly from a broken URL encoding of a UTF-8 sequence (Unicode special characters).

  • I will add some code so you get a proper error message when this happens instead of just a partial page load (which is very unhelpful). Thank you for mentioning this.

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