Missing the cursor frequency display and 2 extensions at the same time...


The "hamburger" was not my cup of tea.

Is there a possible config to instead of the "two hand op" having the cursor frequency to be displayed continously (disabled op here) ?


Eg You have an extensions active eg the cw-reader then you want to change antenna on the fly

when opening the antenna-switch extension you kick the cw-reader.

Instead of having to open another session ( occupy 2 of 4 userslots) is there a way to detach the extension to different browser--window or -tab, either the antenna switch (this you can do on local lan, just open a browser and text the commands on the adressline) or the working extension in question ?

73:s de Kenneth.


  • The "hamburger" was not my cup of tea.

    Fine. But the previous solution (the orange/blue up/down buttons) was really terrible because it gave you no context. At least now you have a scrolling menu with a place for the "clear all" and VFO A=B" functions.

    The alternative is to make the main control panel larger and/or more complex, which I really don't want to do.

    cursor frequency to be displayed continously (instead of having to hold shift)

    Not a bad idea. I could make another entry in the right-click menu to toggle this mode (and save it in a cookie).

    (decoder extensions versus control extensions, e.g. cw and antenna switch open at the same time)

    Yes, I have considered this. It's a bit difficult to implement for various reasons. The things I would move out of the extension menu are: ant_switch, noise_{blank,filter}, waterfall.

  • could you make these buttons a bit narrower and add a new button [OPT] (options) that opens up below where more stuff could be added or moved to?

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    I had thought of that. And also, like how the Off , Spec and mode buttons work now, have multiple presses of the same button cycle between different sub-panels. For example, pressing the Audio button would cycle between the existing content and the noise blanker controls. Same for WFn.

    But I'm not sure if that's introducing too much complexity for casual users..

  • Some quick thoughts for discussion.

    Personally I find the KiWi to be the best receiver I've used for general purpose utility monitoring, and I very much appreciate the time and effort John has gone to in initially bringing the product to market, continually upgrading it and also supporting it even though the hardware is no longer available. Especially when there are folks like me continually nagging with questions like "would it be possible to ?"

    None of the following are necessary, but simply observations based on my own usage and are not intended as criticism in any way, shape or form.

    The cursor frequency is a bit hard to read so why not just make it the same as the 'speech balloon' in the spectrum display ?

    Right clicking can be problematic with some Apple devices.

    The ability to switch antennas whilst other extensions are open would be useful.

    Sometimes not being able to see the spectrum display when an extension is open is problematic and a second browser session is required.

    The control panel does have a few anomalies where parameters appear in, or can be set within an extension. Maybe if space is running out this could be rationalised in some way, some control panels combined (users and stats) or an additional one added ?

    Perhaps the individual sub control panels could be selected by adding tabs down one edge of the main control panel rather than the separate buttons in the main panel ? This may allow the current main panel to be selected with one of the tabs making more space available in each panel, as the main panel wouldn't need to be visible all of the time.

    Does anyone use the dropdown band selector ?

    Should the spectrum display button be on the top level menu ? I like it there as I use it a lot, but maybe that's just me ? Maybe the Waterfall control panel becomes a more generic Display panel ?

    The audio panel can become a bit messy at times, especially when synchronous modes are in use.

    I sometimes notice that when folks are monitoring a net, all four slots are taken up on exactly the same frequency and mode. With the camping menu it is possible for more people to share, but this is not obvious unless the camping menu appears. I wonder if it would be somehow possible to let folks share a net session using only one receive channel if they use on one of the frequencies and modes already in use, or click via the list of current users ?

    As I said, just a few thoughts that may trigger other ideas or ways of presenting the controls.



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    Yeh the toggling through multiple sub menu pages is a good idea. I don't think casual users would be upset, as many don't even get as far as using the detailed menus, they just tune to a frequency an sit there :-(

    However personally I'd like the volume to still be instantly accessible if you do split the menus down.

    Maybe change the button colour in some way or change the text slightly to indicate a change of sub menu page ?

    Maybe add a triangle or some other indicator to the menu button to indicate they toggle through

  • I like the idea of an "Options" menu button instead of Extensions as I think it is a bit more descriptive of the function, however I'm not sure how you would layer the menu tree.

  • Would moving the S Meter to the top of the control panel help create more space for the detail in the sub panels ? Perhaps by having page up down sliders to move through the detail.

    Personally I'd prefer the S Meter at the top anyway as my windows control bar often covers it, but that's just me.

  • Very nice input from you all !

    If there is some rearrangement of the control panel and more, here comes my five cents:

    The S-meter, what I really use is dBm, a more readable font !

    As mentionend, this is the most versatile receiver and I use it a lot for test and simple measuring of signals, testing antennas and so forth.

    The frequency stepping-buttons, use them all the time.

    When in spectrum, the cursor have frequency and amplitude-display ! Perfect ! The same would be equally usefull in the waterfall, with the dBms from the meter then of course.

    Here I maybe missed a short-command like the X and Y, but making the spectrum swap size and/or position with the waterfall ?

    Best 73:s de Kenneth

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