v1.603,604: lots of fixes

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.603 Jun 10, 2023

  DX label popups no longer have modifier key explanations. Refer to DX label help button instead.

  Extension help keyboard shortcut: When an extension is open (or the DX label panel) typing 'H'

  will open the extension's help panel. The global help panel is still opened with 'h' or '?'


  Clarified use of alt and control keys in global help panel and DX label help panel.

  Bug fixes:

    DX label panel "add" button now working.

    Various fixes to labels with non-zero signal bandwidths.

    Antenna disconnect detector now works properly for disconnect/reconnect transitions.

    When displaying a large number of EiBi labels the audio should no longer glitch.

    For BBAi-64 10 Mbps Ethernet mode is disabled due to the Ethernet interface hanging.

    Fixed problem where 'x' shortcut key caused all subsequent shortcuts to stop functioning.

    Fixed dist.admin.json recovery file.

    Optimized size of DRM extension control panel.


  • Hi John,

    I seem to have lost scandinavian special characters after v1.603, looks funny. 😊



    Windows 11 Home 22H2

    MS Edge ver. 114.0.1823.41 (64-bit)

  • Sorry about that. Fixed in v1.604. Wait 24 hrs for the auto update or build manually via the admin update tab build now button.

  • Oh, good! THANK YOU for fixing the "Add" button... I was wondering why I couldn't add a new dx label. Now it works. :)

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