feature request [decoder JS8Call]

Hi John

After the success with FT8, would you still have time and willingness to add the popular JS8Call to us?

I bow and greet


  • Not anytime soon. I'm moving towards working on my "other" (non-Kiwi) project.

    I don't know much about JS8Call. One thing though: Isn't it a two-way communication mode? How would that fit with a passive (rx-only) system like the Kiwi? Just displaying both sides of a selected conversation?

  • In a nutshell, it's a kind of FT8 extended with an additional option to exchange text information. Looking at the popularity of the JS8Call software on PSKReporter, it occurred to me that since JS8 is an FT8 clone, it will be easy to adapt it. On OWRX, it looks like that next to the sign, locator, signal, etc., just like in FT8, you can also see messages sent between users.

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