Feature request - SteppIR band selection

edited May 2023 in KiwiSDR Discussion

Not sure if this is the proper place for this. Please move if needed.

Would it be possible to output SteppIR controller commands when a ham band selected either via waterfall/spectrum or band indicator marker?

example - if you click on the purple amateur band markers it could emulate the cat commands simualting a radio freqency selction to the SteppIR OptmizIR controller or SDA100 controller.

The controller can follow incremental frequency adjustmens as well. If thats possible, then great, but band slection would be a good start.


  • The KiWi can already output a CAT command set, but the practicality is limited, as any change to the antenna configuration affects all users, regardless of the frequency the are tuned to. Search this forum for previous posts on the subject.

    You can also use other software such as CatSync to link a KiWi specific browser and output local CAT commands.



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