How To Allow More Connections To Kiwi.

Is there any way to allow more connections to be able to share this wonderful Kiwi receiver to more people at the same time ?

Is it a case of needing more powerful hardware ? Is there a way of connecting the Kiwi board to a more powerful computer ?

I would love to see an option for this in the future, basic kiwi as is now and advanced kiwi for many more connections.

Now that I have the privilege of having fibre to the house I have 120 Mbs upload I have capacity for a lot more connections.

Even if we could use our own SDR of our choice and computer, say an intel powered device and pay a fee for the brilliant kiwi software ?


  • By the silence I take it this is a non runner ?

  • you can use the 8 channel mode it you can tolerate less WF channels

  • I'd like 20+ channels with waterfall +20Khz audio bandwidth, I believe the limiting factor is the beaglebone.

    It would be good if there was some way to do it, I guess now that I have fibre internet I'd like to share my kiwi's with as many People as I can at the same time.

    Maybe a version of the Kiwi with USB like a normal SDR, SDR Play or Airpsy but a kiwi with the advantage of 30mhz bandwidth that you can plug into any computer and be able to share it online as easy as we can now with the current Kiwi. Is there any way to do it without having to make a whole new kiwi board or can it be done with the current board with just some mods go give it USB connectivity ?

  • The limiting factor is the FPGA on the Kiwi Cape IFAIK. A Dragonfly SDR is a way to experience the limits of USB & Host CPU.

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    By the silence I take it this is a non runner?

    No, it's just that this question pops up once a year or so and I'm tired of repeating myself. If I could find it I'd link to prior forum discussions.

    It's basic Kiwi philosophy why there isn't any wide-band IQ output for processing on an external computer (PC). Mostly because that's what almost every single other SDR does (that isn't buried inside a portable or Ham box).

    If that's what you want then go buy an Airspy HF+ Discovery and run their server software. I don't know how many simultaneous connections it supports, but should be a bunch with a decent PC involved. I don't know how the features of SDR# compare to the Kiwi software these days. It's probably a mixed bag as you'd expect.

    I have three new Kiwi designs rolling around in my head. Including a high-end one that would offer 32 channels or more of waterfall + audio. It would be expensive, but the audience would be the ops that purchase multiple Kiwis now (at a greater price per channel). It always amazed me that people do this -- running 4, 6 even 8 Kiwis together on a public site. I didn't expect this.

    But "rolling around in my head" is where those designs will stay. For the multitude of reasons I've alluded to previously. I'm getting old. And I'd like to live a while longer without the pressures of producing more products cutting that short..

  • Ok John, I don't want to be the cause of your early demise! :-)

    I guess the Kiwi has got so popular, it's probably a common request alright. I don't be on the forum every day or week, I don't remember the question pop up before.

    The main attraction of course being the 30 Mhz bandwidth + the simplicity of accessing the Kiwi through any web browser without having to install other software, it's quite unique.

    I've tried Openwebrx and it's audio quality is poor and I got very bad vibes on telegram and for even mentioning it, the audio is particularly bad on SSB, kind of distorted, there's some noise in the audio that isn't your normal HF noise. Anyway, due to the bad vibes I just legged it out of telegram and, if they fix it they fix it if not then that's fine but I checked as many openwebrx receivers that had HF as possible and they all have the same audio issues especially on SSB.

    Perhaps put the question as a sticky on the forum so it's visible from the start ?



  • I will gladly purchase such a receiver in the future. And not even one. Indeed, there are enough problems with other receivers. Kiwisdr is my first receiver that completely suits me. And my friends too. But the trouble is that other people want to listen besides us... Kiwisdr is such a receiver that it's not a shame to publish it in public.

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