impossible to access KIWI-BBG LINUX Deb 8.5 via PUTTY

HI, preface : my Linux conaissance is very very basic.

My KIWI ser 1680 is uptodate v 1.596.

In reading of the possible upgrade to Deb v10.x I was trying to acces the Linux part of my BBG-KIWI via PUTTY over wired LAN

to begin the steps written by JKS , but no way to enter neither as ROOT nor ADMIN using the password I know;

the connection via IP goes OFF after few tries.

I have never set a password to access BBG_Linux and the ADMIN_WEB access is OK;

I remember some years ago I entered the Linux OS to copy the config file just for learning purpose

and that time I entered without a password.

Any suggestion ?




  • can you access the console from the kiwi admin page?

  • The Linux/Beagle root and debian account passwords are very likely to have been set to your Kiwi's serial number: 1680 or perhaps the Kiwi admin password. So try those.

    This change happened in v1.354

  • HI es GM

    ZKD : yes the console inside the web-browser-page opens ok : CONSOLE: open connection


    JKS: access denied either admin passw or serial 1680

  • in the PUTTY IP address field I write the KIWI's IP and the PUTTY port is 22 connection type:SSH

  • just retried to access as ROOT with the serial number, but nothing ...

  • Did you try with username debian?

  • AWL, hallo just tried now username luck

  • jksjks
    edited April 2023

    Since you can still get a root shell using the Kiwi admin console tab, just use the Linux passwd command. Type it, the return key, and it will prompt you (twice) to enter a new root password. Use the Kiwi serial number.

    With Debian 8 you should then be able to ssh/PuTTY to the Kiwi as root. For Debian 9 and greater you have to do more to enable root logins. But that's not the issue here.

  • GE, JKS: tnx for the suggestion, it has worked ok, it was 2018 when I logged lasttime in HI.

    Now ahead to read the further infos...

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