What Might I be doing Wrong, Or Missing ? [NAVTEX decoding with YAND]


Still trying to figure out why I can't pick up any Navtex using YAND or any of the other programs.

True for when Boston broadcasts, or at any other time or station.

Have an Icom R8600.

Ant. is a simple 60 foot long wire, a Noo Elec UnUn, and then a coax run up o the house.

Live about 20 miles due West of Boston

I can hear a commercial 590 KHz station just fine, which is encouraging.

But absolutely nothing below that freq. Is there anything this low other than Navtex ?

What really bugs me is that there is a Kiwi operator perhaps 20 miles away that does fine re reception.

Can't imagine what I am doing wrong, or missing. I would think my ant. should do fine, but...?

Have tried on 518 with cw, and 516.5 with USB.

Any reception "quirks" for this low a freq. ? I am not used to playing around with that low a freq., admittedly.

Any thoughts on what I might check, or other suggestions would be most appreciated.

Probably something really dumb, as usual, that I am missing. But really stumped for possible reason(s).

Thanks, best regards,



  • run the kiwi's wspr extension on the 630M band and see if you receive anything overnight

  • I've never used YAND. But have a look at this document: https://www.sdrplay.com/resources/decoding_navtex.pdf

    It is essential that the radio is tuned so the YAND autotuning function achieves a lock on the audio tones. Make sure the autotuning on box is checked and that the lock indicator is lit. Use the scope function as shown on the first page of that document and make sure the two peaks of the NAVTEX FSK signal are lined up with the two yellow vertical lines.

    You may have to change the signal polarity setting if there is a mark/space inversion in your setup.

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