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Forgot kiwiSDR Admin Password


I saved the admin password but can not find it and can not access the admin page on my kiwiSDR (#4019)

My 'memory-blanker' seems to be working overtime! How do I solve this problem?

73 Dick/w7wkr


  • jksjks
    edited April 2023

    If you're trying to connect to the admin page from a browser on the same local network as the Kiwi it shouldn't even be asking for the admin password (unless you've disabled local net auto-login which I don't think a lot of people do). Is this a Kiwi at a remote site?

    About all you can do is ssh/PuTTY into the Beagle and look at the admin configuration file to see what the password is. Do you know how to use ssh or PuTTY?

  • jks - many thanks for the reply.

    Hah ! I finally found the paper where I had recorded the PW.

    My 'memory-blanker' was alive and well, but the paper-find

    solved the problem.

    Meanwhile, I am searching the 'forum' looking for a solution

    to the kiwi/admin page NETWORK TAB where a message

    "Automatic add of NAT rule on firewall / router: No device found"

    TU and 73


  • Some routers require that you connect to them and enable "Plug and Play" (PnP) in their configuration before the Kiwi "auto add NAT ..." feature will work. That is, some routers have PnP disabled by default.

    I understand this from a security point of view, but the whole idea of "auto add NAT" is to save you from having to mess with your router at all. Now you'll have to figure out how to connect to it (via web browser hopefully) and where the PnP enable setting is located.

    The other possibility is that your router doesn't even support PnP. But you won't know until you look or can find the answer in online documentation.

  • John, thank you for this information. I will check my router and see if the PNP

    is correctly set up.

    Tu -- Dick/w7wkr

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