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Today's v1.694 update is hopefully a working version of the failed v1.691,692 release of a few days ago.
See the first post of the "v1.694" thread below for the CHANGE_LOG notes.
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From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.594 Apr 12, 2023

  ADC level measurement: AJAX/JSON interface to help determine how much "headroom" is available in

  the ADC. That is, how often the upper bits of the 14-bit ADC are getting set by strong signals.

  Interface similar to how /snr works, i.e. my_kiwi:8073/adc?level=0x1800

  Done this way so it doesn't require a channel connection, which would otherwise be very intrusive

  given how often measurements will probably have to be made to properly characterize the headroom.

  Note that this is fundamentally different from the current overload indicator on the S-meter

  which is an averaged measurement of the full-scale overflow signal produced by the ADC itself.

  Complete discussion on the forum.


  The SNR measurement process will now run if a preemptible autorun channel is available (thanks Martin).

  Admin page, control tab. New checkbox:

  "Non-Kiwi connections (kiwirecorder, TDoA) can preempt autorun processes"


  When an autorun process gets kicked the log will say e.g. "(PREEMPTED after 0:12:34)" instead of

  "(LEAVING after 0:12:34)".

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