Re Kiwi Ashland, Mass. Owner: Question Re Ant. For. KA1GXR


I have been trying to decode Navtex using an Icom R8600 and YAND, but without any luck.

But, the Kiwi site in Ashland Mass. (very close to me) decodes just great.

Apparently the owner is: KA1GXR

Would love to ask him here, or via a private eMail, regarding his ant. setup.

Anyone know how to contact him, or his eMail ?




  • Looks like he has chosen not to list an email on his Kiwi (on the yellow Stats tab under "Links"). But he's registered on the forum. So you should be able to send him a private message (PM).

    Click on the mail envelope inbox icon at the top left of the forum page near your name. On the popup panel click "new message" at the top right. Now you should be at a page to compose a new message. Begin typing "ka1g" in the Recipients field at the top. When his full call appears below click on it. Then the full call as recipient will appear expanded in the recipient field (with a little x after it). This particular interface is very strange, but it is what it is.

    Now click in the larger box below, enter your message and click post message. Hopefully you'll get a reply.


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