WSPR autorun spots not uploaded to

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  • Not sure if this is related to the recent changes for FT-8, but I am running v1.588 and my “auto run” bands show spots being detected on the Status page, but the spots are not showing up on …

    When I invoke the WSPR extension from the browser and select a band, those spots are reported.

    Any ideas what might have changed? I realize I’m probably the only Kiwi user left that doesn’t use wsprdaemon but I do find auto run to be a useful capability with my limited setup.

    73, Doug WW6D

  • Just looking around the public Kiwis I found one using autorun (and running v1.588) and spots are being uploaded to successfully (

    Anyone else having problems?

  • Sorry about the bandwidth with this... after I upgraded to v1.588, the clock on my Kiwi was somehow reset; checking the log file on a recent spot revealed:

    Sun May 22 14:18:05 12:20:25.806 ..2.....   2        WSPR DECODE: 1416 -27  0.5 21.096112  0  NI5F   EM70  3542   30 (1.0 W)

    Uh... today is March 21...

    73, Doug WW6D

  • BTW ... reboot Beagle fixed the clock. Now log file has correct date/time.

    73, Doug WW6D

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