Setting up auto channels

Sorry if this is answered but I looked and could not find it. Many years ago when I first set up my KiwiSDR (KE6GG California) I set up three of the four receivers as WSPR monitors. Just now I "kicked" them because I wanted to set up FT8 Monitors in their place. I remember setting up the WSPR automatic monitors was very easy in the settings (logged in to admin interface). I can no longer find the page where these were set up.

Under what tab, and were is the interface to set up these automatic channels?



  • jksjks
    edited March 2023

    Admin page, extensions tab, WSPR sub-tab at bottom of left column (scroll down if needed). Autorun menus are at the bottom of the page. Use the autorun restart button after making a change.

    Note that there is no autorun option (yet) for the FT8 extension. You have to start them manually for now.

  • Thank you. That is where it was and a "re" found it.

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