New kiwi and new Beagle Bone Green will Not Run

Greetings All

I bought a new kiwi (SN 4019) a few months ago and a new Beagle Bone Green a few days ago.

Today, I paired them together ensuring both banks of pins on the kiwi were CORRECTLY installed

into the BBG sockets. I inserted the SD card into the BBG, connected the kiwi to my smart switch

and applied +5V to the kiwi's round power plug.

The amber and green LED's associated with the kiwi's ethernet cable lit-up and the heartbeat

began. Kiwi's four address/info LEDs started blinking on/off and finally entered the left-right-left

sweeping mode and finally stopped with all four LEDs ON.

Then after sitting there with all four address LEDs on for about 90 seconds, the entire system went

dark - ALL LEDs off. So I immediately removed the 5V DC from the kiwi.

What is happening here ??

73 Dick/w7wkr


  • jksjks
    edited March 2023

    If you read the instructions you'll note that you've now successfully completed a re-flash of the filesystem (eMMC) on the Beagle from the sd card. The LED patterns you observed are exactly right.

    While powered off remove the sd card and then power up. The Beagle should boot off the eMMC and start the initial software update process assuming the network has an Internet connection (takes 45 - 60 minutes). This will update from v1.2 that was on the sd card to v1.588 which is the latest version.

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