Window in browser stops

I'm using Opera Browser 1 tab for listing to shortwave station, A 2nd tab for FT8 not watching, 5 channels for wspr, 1 channel free and some times someone using over the internet.

If you aren't watching the tab for wspr in 30 min the screen will stop..... sometimes, it will freeze and can't access Kiwisdr, I'll have to power down then wait 1 minute then power up.

Screen saver = never


  • I just checked it out, On a desktop computer it works ok with opera web browser. Must be just on my laptop HP. computer.

  • Wrong... It did do the same thing on the desktop as HP laptop.... Just took longer.

    Is it the computer or Kiwisdr or web browser...? What web browser is the best for Kiwisdr?

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    Are you always decoding FT8 in these failure cases? We have another report of long-running FT8 decoding crashing the server.

    For what it's worth I always use Firefox. But mostly because I'm used to its debugging capabilities.

  • Just did update.... ran for 5 hrs. now... Still screen stopping on windows that are tabs that your weren't watching.... the tab that you could see all the time, that window was still working... The waterfall still moving... Looked at admin at status page and there gone, the stopped windows tabs, those channels are available to be used for other connections... They became disconnected from Kiwisdr...

  • I can't get wspr to work anymore... Maybe one of the last updates?

  • on v1.587 and WSPR works OK for me.

    Is it still a problem ?

  • Don't run FT8 on a Kiwi that has WSPR running. They may be a problem. I have only seen this on a BBAI Kiwi so far, which handles WSPR decoding differently.

    But WSPR itself seems to work fine on v1.588

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    I started to use FireFox (updated V 110.0.1), and Kiwisdr (just updated downloaded Last night to V 1.558) and looked at admin... and 3 have been connected for 13 Hrs and 20 Mins and 4 for 3 hrs and 38 mins doing FT8 and WSPR (IWBP) 18 hrs and 15 mins and everything is working ok!

    It was Opera web browser.... Sorry, I never thought it could be that.... FireFox is the one to use! (until an update with FireFox? The Programmer for KiwiSDR is very knowledgeable ! ).

    I just can't believe all the things you can do with KiwiSDR!

    Thank You......

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