[FAX ext] Suggestion for frequency preset changes to XSQ GuangZhou [fixed]

edited February 2023 in General Chat

In order for white to be true white and black to be true black and not other shades, the white and black tones has to be 2.3kHz and 1.5 kHz above the toned frequency respectively.

According to my observations, three of the four presets have the offset of -50 Hz to the correct frequencies.

Label: 4199.75 -> 4199.8 VFO: 4197.85 -> 4197.9

Label: 8412.5 No change

Label: 12629.25 -> 12629.3 VFO: 12627.35 -> 12627.4

Label: 16826.25 -> 16826.3 VFO: 16824.35 -> 16824.4

Thanks, John


  • Okay, I made those changes. You should see them next time you reload the page and open the extension.

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