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I wasn’t criticising the kiwi.

Maybe I should have emphasised that I’m aware it’s an iOS issue when I said the below comment causing the thread to get closed.

I was hoping someone had a solution to a very frustrating issue.

“I’m on iOS 16.2 on an iPad Air 2022 and have the same issue, 

This is really ridiculous that I have to have the browser open all the time and can’t do anything else.

we really need an app for iOS and even android has some issues when the screen is off after a few mins the audio stops.

we need to be able to listen with the screen off too.”


  • There is no solution. This is a problem with all mobile browsers. And not just kiwisdr. There is only one solution, output the audio stream to a separate application. But it's a lot of work!

  • Yeah I wish we could get some developer to make an app for the kiwi.

    I like to listen before I go asleep but the xyl complains about the screen being too bright.

    I also like to listen in the car when driving to work but the screen has to be on all the time, I’ve no idea why the browser developers or google/ Apple think it’s a good idea? Or perhaps we’re a rare breed that expect a browser to stay active with the screen off ?

    or maybe I shouldn’t be so addicted to kiwi Sdr’s ? 😀

  • I don't like it very much either. But that's what mobile browser developers want. Well, I think a solution will be found.

  • Surprise surprise, this morning for the first time in a couple of months I fired up one of the USA Kiwi's while on my way to work, Audio through the car audio system and to my surprise it just kept going after I locked the screen.

    This was on my Poco X3 Pro Android using Firefox all up to date, I then fired up my work Iphone and sure enough as soon as the screen locked the audio died so going to try communicate with the firefox/chrome developers via the app store and see if I get a response.

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    Now I have tried the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on an Android phone. Everything works well. The sound does not stop even when the screen is turned off. Unfortunately, I don't have an iOS device to test this.

    UPD: No. I was wrong. After a while, the sound stops.

  • It didn't stop for me on Android this morning after an hour now whether or not being connected via USB made a difference I don't know, perhaps if plugged into power makes the difference on Android, I will try it now while in work on battery and later when I get home on IOS because I don't have power lead in work, the IOS phone is my work phone.

  • I know it's a "non solution" but for those complaining about screen's brightness, I would suggest this app:

    It applies a dark overlay so that you can be able to reduce screen's brightness drastically.


  • Has anyone tried the Python clients - Superkiwi and KiwiClient? I've had good results running them minimized / moved to my scratchpad. You may find they work more efficiently than having a browser open, but I have not tried either with Python on Android.

    One disadvantage is less configuration flexibility in the clients; the Kiwi's web interface is much easier to set up. For that reason, I often run Firefox on my smart phone, and bring up an SDR with the desired mode and passband set in the url.

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