v1.574: DRM extension: slideshow and NewsService Journaline support added

The test1 button plays a BBC file containing a Journaline stream.

The test2 button plays a KTWR-Guam file containing a slideshow.

The test buttons perform the following two actions automatically. But normally you'd have to do them manually:

The menu at right must select the media decoder you want.

Also, the appropriate checkbox on the left panel must be set to indicate which service channel has the data you want decoded. A data icon D will appear for the current data channel. The current audio channel is highlighted in purple.

Typically the audio is in channel 1 and data in channel two. But there could be multiple audio channels and/or data channels depending on what the broadcaster has chosen to multiplex.


  • By pressing test button 1, where are the Journaline data taken from?

    From a radio signal (which frequency?) or from a file via the web?

    Thank you.

    Alberto, Italy

  • There are two DRM test sample files stored in the Kiwi software distribution. One contains Journaline content and the other slideshow content. You can find them here:

    Kiwi Beagle: /root/Beagle_SDR_GPS/unix_env/kiwi.config/samples/DRM.{BBC.Journaline,KTWR.slideshow}.au

    Github repo: unix_env/kiwi.config/samples/DRM.{BBC.Journaline,KTWR.slideshow}.au

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