Adding DX Labels?

Hi all

New to the KiwiSDR scene and have my device setup with a 1m active loop antenna, and other than some local QRM to track down and try tyo resolve the unit is working well.

I've noticed that many other KiwiSDR online have agreater DX Labels database than my system seems to have, is there not a central database that we can link to, or upload the data from?

If not are there any KiwiSDR owners that have a good database for northern europe that they could share with me please?

Keep up the good work



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    Hi Jim,

    It does have a fairly comprehensive EiBi database as standard but it usually isn't the defult.

    Try shift & pipe ( | symbol next to the left shit key) to toggle between the local database and the EiBi one.

    I use the local database as my listening log, so it's probably got more tags than just about any other KiWi, and frequently causes problems for John due to its file size.



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