Messed up my listing on

I changed the name of my Kiwi SDR and have messed up the receiver listing on

Search: g8ure (and you will see what I mean.)

I have re-started the Kiwi also made not public then made public again.

I note the details on the Map is correct.

Have I messed up my details on the website data base ?




Big thanks to the folks who designed the hardware and continue maintaining the firmware :-)


  • jksjks
    edited December 2022

    Looks like I don't handle escaping the HTML comment sequence (dash, dash, greater than) properly. Workaround would be for you to use => or ==> instead.

    p.s. Holy cow that beverage has good VLF/LF S/N..

  • Thank you...

    I removed the ''-->'' changing the name to ''Beverage - North''. This fixed the problem :-)

    I run a beverage and a dipole SDR here so people can compare the two.

    Sometimes I run a third SDR on a second beverage at 90 deg. This shows the directivity.




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