Update to version v1.569 in progress [fixed]

Whatever I do it won't let me update from v1.465 - even though it says that the update is in progress - it never does anything and for some reason (probably me) I'm stuck on 1.465. Any idea(s) what I doing wrong/not doing?


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    From a previous posting, if you are really stuck, you could try this method, but only if you have nothing else to loose. Backup your existing configs first, so that you can restore them if required.

    "Your Git clone of the Kiwi sources may be trashed (for whatever reason, power failure at inopportune time etc). Please try this from the admin page, console tab:


    mv Beagle_SDR_GPS B.bad

    gclone Beagle_SDR_GPS



    Build will take 20 - 30 minutes.


    Then click the restart button on the console tab. Should be at the latest version now and able to receive future automatic updates if you have them enabled on the update tab."

  • Now sorted! Thanks JKS 👍️

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