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Show Meter Band & Mhz Band

I can't remember what Meter band is the equivalent MHz Band, doing this was a great thing to do.....

On the Band Bars where says Band Name, and says 49M, Just put 6MHz with a space 6MHz Like this: 49M 6MHz.

This works fine for me!

Dose anyone have a better idea? Maybe 49M 6.100MHZ (The center of the band).

Thanks Kiwisdr receiver guys.....


  • IMHO wavelength designations of bands are old-fashioned, confusing and even ambiguous. For example the 18 MHz amateur band is known as 17m. Does 75m refer to the 3950-4000 kHz R1 broadcast band or the 3500-4000 kHz R2 amateur band? Does 60m refer to the various amateur allocations or the tropical broadcast band (4750-5060 kHz)?

    So I just use MHz for all bands/services, except LW and MW for the two lowest broadcast bands.

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