Frequency/DX Labels don't match when using a converter

Hi All,

I just installed a new 2m converter and switchboard. It was always like this, but the labels along the top frequency marker bar do not change. The page reloads correctly as does the frquency offset. It would be very nice to have the labels change to (in this case) to the 2m band ones. e.g. 145.500MHz = FM Calling.

Is this possible to do?

73s, Rob .


  • Hi Rob,

    I also noticed that the band bars in the DX labels window don't seem to appear on frequencies above 32MHz, and I wondered if it was somehow possible to remove this limit.



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    That's right. DX labels are tied not to the frequency but to the beginning of the scale. I agree with you, it's very inconvenient!

  • Having labeling on frequencies >32 MHz would be a benefit when a Kiwi is used with the broadband downconverter such a the one I have designed and built, as well, however, I have no idea at all whether the return would be merited by the effort it requires. Many of the upper-VHF and UHF transmissions I hear seem to be local or regional so perhaps group input on labels wouldn't apply to the same degree it does on HF.

    Even without labels the Kiwi's ability to display 20-30 MHz wide swaths of spectrum is a great feature.

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