1.563: TDoA fix, admin console ANSI support

From the CHANGE_LOG file:

v1.563 Oct 6, 2022

  Admin console tab:

    Supports "character-oriented" input mode compared to the previous line-oriented mode

    where all input was typed into a field outside of the output display window. Now resembles

    a more traditional terminal program. Not supported on mobile devices.


    As a result, Xterm/VT100 style ANSI command sequences are accepted. This allows programs

    that perform 2D X/Y screen addressing to work such as the "nano" text editor and "htop" and

    "top -c" process display utilities.


    Also, shell line editing via control keys and keypad arrows should work (e.g. ctrl-P or

    up arrow for previous entry from command history, ctrl-A for beginning of line etc).

  Neglected to mention earlier: Galileo sat table updated to add E10. Thanks Benjamin F4FPR/K5AW.

  TDoA extension:

    Changed server polling mechanism to (hopefully) fix a problem with certain 4G mobile

    connections dropping the TDoA connection prematurely.


    Removed "rerun" button because it produces incorrect heat map results. And in fact I don't

    believe it's possible to work in any event. If you change the map lat/lon you need new

    samples by definition of the algorithm (I think).

  Moved "Proxy server hostname" field from admin network tab to connect tab

  ("reverse proxy configuration" section) where it really belongs.


  Removed "SAM options" menu from audio tab since it seems default "DC block + fade" option

  is the correct setting to use.


  • Seems to be a problem decoding DSC signals with v.1.563. Coast stations info is ok, but not ship station info:

    09:59:56 2187.50 SAFETY Test ack, 002320001[Coast Station: United Kingdom, MRSC Shetland] => a class="w3-esc-html w3-link-darker-color

    v1.562 and earlier is ok:

    09:59:56 2187.50 SAFETY Test ack, 002320001[Coast Station: United Kingdom, MRSC Shetland] => 314377000[Flag: Barbados]

  • Decoding of Coast Stations as Erbe says is OK, but this part is now added in coastal snts safety tests:

    => a class="w3-esc-html w3-link-darker-color

  • Thanks for spotting this. Escaped my testing somehow. Fix coming soon..

  • Fixed in v1.564 just released.

  • Thank you very much.

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