Closing the browser shuts down KiwiSDR on iOS and Android phone

The idea of listening to KiwiSDR on the go is very exciting, either on your iPhone or Android phone until you put your phone into your pocket or when the browser closes or blacks out, your KiwiSDR goes off with it. This problem never happens on a PC or Mac. Nor do I have the same problem when listening to which is now browser-based stream radio. Since there is no way to configure the browser to avoid this, I wondered if there is anything could be done on the side of KiwiSDR to keep it playing, even when the browser closes.


  • I think it's real. But John once wrote that he was tired of figuring out what the guys from Apple had once again broken. With ios 13 they have changed background work.

  • I’m on iOS 16.2 on an iPad Air 2022 and have the same issue,

    This is really ridiculous that I have to have the browser open all the time and can’t do anything else.

    we really need an app for iOS and even android has some issues when the screen is off after a few mins the audio stops.

    we need to be able to listen with the screen off too.

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