New KiwiSDR Stuck in on v1.2 in Never-Ending Update


Just got a brand new KiwiSDR kit (BBG+KiwiSDR), and out of the box, it is apparently stuck trying to update. On the admin page, under Update, it says,

Installed version: v1.2, built Aug 10 2016 21:12:11

Update to version v1.562 in progress

I've let it sit for like 7-8 hours, but even after a reboot, nothing happens, and it stays stuck at v1.2. Do I need to create a new image from the microSD card and re-flash? If so, which image should I use? Looking at these instructions, it appears that I should use the Debian 10 -- BBG/BBB only image. Is that correct?



  • Never mind! I was able to re-flash from the Debian 10 image, and I'm all good now. Feel free to delete this thread. Thanks!

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