Check now shows only installed version; More Receiver at 20KHz max bandwidth eliminates DRM

Just a couple of minor issues, from the users perspective:

  1. Current Check Now at Update on Admin interface is a backward update from a few versions before, where the actual version to be updated to is shown as available.
  2. The optional More Receiver at 20KHz max bandwidth output is welcome, but it has eliminated DRM reception, which is an inconvenience. I would like to keep DRM reception at More Receiver mode so that I would not have to reset my KiwiSDR back and forth.


    1. Not it isn't. It's working fine. I can compile up a v1.558 binary, run it, click check now, and it says "Available version: v1.559". Just like it's supposed to (the current version of is v1.559). I can compile the current sources (v1.559), click check now, and it says "Running most current version". The state of the git clone on the filesystem doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the version of the running server binary and the state of the sources on
    2. I tried making the DRM code work with the Kiwi 3-channel mode (20.25 kHz sample rate) but was never able to. Now it's too late..
  • I " Check Now " and got " Installed version 1.558 ", but I was then able to update to v1.559, using Debian command lines without any problems. And now I am working on v1.559.

  • jksjks
    edited September 2022

    Well, it will say "installed version v1.558" if that's the version of the currently running server binary (same as what shows on the "status" tab). What really matters is the second message line that says if has a newer version or not. In the case you mention it should have reported that v1.559 was available (on

    If there was a new version, and you had automatic updates enabled, then it should have been installed on the next server restart (or during the overnight update window).

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