In attempt to upgrade from Debian 8 to Debian 10 when updated to latest version of Debian 8 serial number of the kiwiSDR stopped being seen under NETWORK tab in ADMIN page. the number 4730 was replaced by a 0.

I sent back to the backup made just prior to the upgrade process without success. I went to the original SD card and started with version that the receiver came with . No success.

What have I broken and how can we fix this?


  • That's very strange. But here's what you can do. Instead of connecting to the admin page via /admin use /mfg to connect to the manufacturing interface. Click the yellow button and enter 4730 in the white field. Then click the green button. Hopefully this will successfully write the serial number into the EEPROM on the Kiwi board. You will get an error message in the window at the bottom if it fails.

    Then click the restart button on the control tab and see if the serial number is retained after the restart.

  • I do not have a green button

  • the red would have been green if you had a valid SN so your board has an issue. If you have read the physical "sharpie" number handwritten on the kiwi cape, enter it otherwise 4730

  • here is the screenshot. I have tried both 4730 and 4130 and both were shown as invalid

  • did you hit the Cyan button to write it to the card?

  • jksjks
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    Do NOT use the cyan/blue button to write anything to the sd card. That button is the same as the button on the admin backup tab for making a backup copy of the eMMC flash filesystem. It has nothing to do with the serial number. Remember, the /mfg page is a special interface for the people who (used to) manufacture Kiwis.

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    What happens when you click the red button instead? If you continue to get "short read" errors in the window below then this means your EEPROM has probably gone bad.

    You can live with a bad EEPROM. Nothing really requires a valid serial number.

  • Is the serial number chronological? Can I tell its date of manufacture from the serial number?

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