Latest software appears to FORCE software update v.559

I have sdr_hw=KiwiSDR v1.557; this morning I checked the availability of new software via the admin console. It showed a new version 1.559 and after that directly -- without my intervention -- started to update.

Wed Sep  7 08:10:34 00:00:38.988 ........          L UPDATE: version changed, current 1.557, new 1.559
Wed Sep  7 08:10:34 00:00:38.992 ........          L UPDATE: building new version..

It looks as if the function Automatically check for software updates? YesNo (in my case YES), does not work as I always have to do this manually

but the function Automatically install software updates? (it is on YES, although I keep it as a standard on NO ??), does work

How is that ?




  • jksjks
    edited September 2022

    No. I just checked and everything is working fine. An automatic update will not occur unless both of the switches on the update tab (check and install) are set to YES.

    If check alone is set to YES then a message will appear in the log if a new version is available. But the new software version will not be installed. Both switches must be set to YES.

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